Aeolesthes (Aeolesthes) sarta (Solsky, 1871)

Aeolesthes sarta
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]

This spectacular longhorn beetle is one of the most important insect pests of trees in Central Asia. It can frequently be found in avenues or parks in highly urbanised areas.

Body length:20 - 52 mm
Life cycle:2 and more years
Adults in:May - July
Host plant:polyphagous in deciduous trees
Distribution:former Soviet Central Asia, North India, Pakistan, Iran, North Afghanistan

Collected by M.Kafka in Iran.

Subfamilia: Cerambycinae Latreille, 1802
Tribus: Cerambycini Latreille, 1804
Genus: Aeolesthes Gahan, 1890
Subgenus: Aeolesthes Gahan, 1890
Species: Aeolesthes (Aeolesthes) sarta (Solsky, 1871)