Clytus (Clytus) gulekanus Pic, 1904

Subfamilia: CERAMBYCINAE  /  Tribus: CLYTINI
Clytus gulekanus
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]

Clytus gulekanus is a rare species endemic to Turkey [❖]. The beetles develop in Ficus carica. Dead wood of larger living trunks is the preferred larval substrate of this species.

Body length:6 - 17 mm
Life cycle:2 - 3 years
Adults in:June - July
Host plant:Ficus carica
Distribution:an endemic species to Turkey

The depicted beetle was collected on the trunk of a dying common fig tree (Ficus carica) in Namrun (SW Turkey).

Collected by our friend Jiří Mička.

Özdikmen H., Turgut S.:
A synopsis of Turkish Clytus Laicharting, 1784 and Sphegoclytus Sama, 2005 with zoogeographical remarks (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae).
Munis Entomology & Zoology Journal 4 (2): 353-370, 2009. [download pdf icon]

SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusClytini Mulsant, 1839
GenusClytus Laicharting, 1784
SubgenusClytus Laicharting, 1784
SpeciesClytus (Clytus) gulekanus Pic, 1904