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Databases & Encyclopedic sites

  • - an international encyclopedia of plants, fungi and animals
  • Wikispecies - covers Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and all other forms of life
  • - Encyclopedia of Life
  • - explore and share your observations from the natural world...
  • Fauna Europaea - database of the scientific names and distribution of all living multicellular European land and fresh-water animals
  • - Chapter: Beetles (Coleoptera) and Coleopterists
  • - wood boring beetles of the World
  • Titan - database Titan on world-wide Cerambycidae is constantly updated by Gérard Tavakilian & Hervé Chevillotte
  • - Cerambycidae of the World
  • - catalog of the Lamiines of the World
  • - M.L. Danilevsky & M.Lazarev web devoted to Palaearctic Cerambycidae
  • - website about the World-wide Cerambycoidea

Private Cerambycidae sites

Other web sites of our friends

  • Beetles & Rock Art in Libya - site focused on Cerambycidae, Buprestidae, Cleridae and Scarabeidae by Jean-Claude Ringenbach
  • - one of the best sites devoted to macrophotography by Pavel Krásenský
  • - a vast database of high-quality insect photos by Stanislav Krejčík
  • Cosmin's Blog - great site devoted to nature photography, insect macrophotography and entomology by Cosmin Ovidiu Manci