Nadezhdiana villosa Tscherepanov, 1976

Nadezhdiana villosa
[Photo © Kirill V. Makarov, click on the picture for 4K resolution]

Nadezhdiana villosa, a rare endemic species to Russian Far East, has been described from Primorsky Krai by Aleksei Ignatevich Tscherepanov in 1976 [▽]. N. villosa, a species of Far East deciduous forests, is ecologically associated with Manchurian walnut (Juglans manshurica). Larvae, developing in dead branches (1.8 to 3.0 cm in diameter), feed subcortically creating longitudinal galleries deeply impressed on sapwood and plugged densely with frass. Pupation in the wood after overwintering, life cycle 1 year. Beetles are active from June to July [✧].

Body length:7 - 9 mm
Life cycle:1 year
Adults in:June - July
Host plant:Manchurian walnut (Juglans manshurica)
Distribution:an endemic species to Russian Far East

The depicted beetles were collected at Listvennichnaya (Лиственничная) river under mouth of Kamenystyi (Каменистый) creek (N43°35′47″ E131°21′53″; 400 m a.s.l, Borisovskoye Plateau, South of Primorsky krai, Far Eastern Federal District, Russia) on May 30, 2019.

Collected by Kirill V. Makarov

Tscherepanov A.I. & Tscherepanova N.E.:
Новые и малоизвестные таксоны трибы Molochrini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) для фауны СССР.
[New and little-known taxons of the tribe Molochrini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) for the fauna of the USSR.]
Новости фауны Сибири / Novosti fauny Sibiri 10: 66-78, 1976.

Tscherepanov A.I.:
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SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusMolorchini Mulsant, 1863
GenusNadezhdiana Tscherepanov, 1976
SpeciesNadezhdiana villosa Tscherepanov, 1976