Oberea (Oberea) oculata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Subfamilia: LAMIINAE  /  Tribus: SAPERDINI
Oberea oculata
[Photo © Daniel Rydzi]
Oberea oculata
[Photo © Udo Schmidt]
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Oberea oculata, a common and widely distributed Palaearctic species, has been described from "Europa" as Cerambyx oculatus by Carl Linné in 1758 [❖]. O. oculata is ecologically connected to various species of broad-leaved willows, but in Europe it prefers goat willow (Salix caprea). Typical habitats of the species are riparian stands, forest and road edges or ruderal plant communities with goat willow. Adults occur from June to August on leaves and twigs, where they feed on leaf tissue and young bark. The female lays eggs on live twigs or thin trunks, the larva forms a longitudinal gallery under the bark and gradually penetrates into the pith wood. The pupal cell in the pith wood is connected to the exit corridor and is usually up to 12 cm long. The life-cycle usually two years, but the development length always depends on a set of environmental conditions [✧].

Body length:15 - 21 mm
Life cycle:2 - 3 years
Adults in:June - September
Host plant:willows (Salix spp.)
Distribution:Palearctic realm

The depicted living beetle was photographed in Laax environs (Surselva region, Graubünden kanton, Switzerland) on August 2, 2018. The mounted specimen was collected in Fichtelsee environs (Fleckl, Landkreis Bayreuth, Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany) in 1976.

Collected by Daniel Rydzi and Udo Schmidt

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Oberea oculata
[Photo © Daniel Rydzi]
Oberea oculata
[Photo © Daniel Rydzi]

SubfamiliaLamiinae Latreille, 1825
TribusSaperdini Mulsant, 1839
GenusOberea Dejean, 1835
SubgenusOberea Dejean, 1835
SpeciesOberea (Oberea) oculata (Linnaeus, 1758)