Phytoecia virgula (Charpentier, 1825)

Subfamilia: LAMIINAE  /  Tribus: PHYTOECIINI

Phytoecia virgula
Photo © M.Hoskovec.

Phytoecia virgula
Photo © M.Hoskovec.

Body length:6 - 12 mm
Life cycle:1 year
Adults in:April - July
Host plant:polyphagous in herbaceous plants (Achillea, Artemisia, Daucus, Tanacetum, Inula, Hieracium)
Distribution:Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Russia, Near East, Kazakhstan

The mounted beetle was collected by sweeping of vegetation in Štúrovo (South Slovakia). The living beetle was collected on Hieracium (Apiaceae) in Neo Ithilo (Lakoonia nomos, SW of Peloponnese peninsula, Greece).

Collected by M.Hoskovec.

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