Pidonia (Cryptopidonia) amentata (Bates, 1884)
ssp. kurosawai Ohbayashi & Hayashi, 1960

Subfamilia: LEPTURINAE  /  Tribus: PIDONIINI
Rhagium japonicum
[Photo © Maxim E. Smirnov, click on the picture for 4K resolution]

Pidonia amentata kurosawai, a subspecies occuring in Kunashir (Russian Far East) and Japan, has been described from Hokkaido (Japan) by Kazuo Ohbayashi and Masao Hayashi in 1960 [❖]. Its parent endemic Japanese taxon, Pidonia (Cryptopidonia) amentata, has been described from Lake Chūzenji environs (Honshu, Japan) as Grammoptera amentata by Henry Walter Bates in 1884 [▽]. The population of this interesting beetle on Kunashir island is quite numerous and beetles can be found on flowers very often. In the laboratory conditions, females laid eggs in the crevices of the bark of dead coniferous trees, the larvae began to develop in the bark and continued under the bark. Adults are active from late May to July [✧][✩].

Body length:♂♂ 5.5 - 8 mm / ♀♀ 6 - 9.5 mm
Life cycle:2 years [?]
Adults in:May - July
Host plant:polyphagous in coniferous trees
Distribution:Russian Far East (Kunashir - Kuril Islands) and Japan

The depicted mounted beetles were collected on eastern spurs of Golovnin volcano (Вулкан Головнина; Kunashir/Кунаши́р island, Kuril Islands, Yuzhno-Kurilsky district, Sakhalin region, Russia) on July 11, 2008.

Collected by I. Melnik

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SubfamiliaLepturinae Latreille, 1802
TribusPidoniini Zamoroka, 2022
GenusPidonia Mulsant, 1863
SubgenusCryptopidonia Kuboki, 1981
SpeciesPidonia (Cryptopidonia) amentata (Bates, 1884)
SpeciesPidonia (Cryptopidonia) amentata kurosawai Ohbayashi & Hayashi, 1960