Rhagium (Rhagium) inquisitor (Linnaeus, 1758)
ssp. inquisitor (Linnaeus, 1758)

Subfamilia: LEPTURINAE  /  Tribus: RHAGIINI
Rhagium inquisitor
[Photo © Milan Lovětínský]

Rhagium inquisitor is one of the most common longhorn beetles of European coniferous and mixed forests. It develops predominatly in conifers (Pinus, Picea, Abies, Larix), but is also reported from Betula, Fagus or Quercus. Larvae feed under the bark of dead stems and stumps. Life cycle 2 years, pupation in autumn under the bark in oval pupal cell surrounded by long wooden shavings. Adults emerge from April to June and can be found on the freshly felled wood and ocassionaly on flowers [✧][❖].

Body length:9 - 22 mm
Life cycle:2 years
Adults in:April - July
Host plant:polyphagous, but coniferous trees are strongly preferred
Distribution:Europe, Algeria, Russia, Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Turkey

The depicted beetles were collected/photographed in: (ML) - Olešná u Rakovníka environs (Central Bohemia, Czechia) on April 20, 2018 / April 4, 2022; (DR) - Dobratsch Mts. (Villach environs, Carinthia, Austria) on September 29, 2019 (ex larva).

Collected by Milan Lovětínský and Daniel Rydzi

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Rhagium inquisitor
Rhagium inquisitor
[Photo © Milan Lovětínský]
Rhagium inquisitor
Rhagium inquisitor
[Photo © Milan Lovětínský]
Rhagium inquisitor
Rhagium inquisitor
[Photo © Daniel Rydzi]

SubfamiliaLepturinae Latreille, 1802
TribusRhagiini Kirby, 1837
GenusRhagium Fabricius, 1775
SubgenusRhagium Fabricius, 1775
SpeciesRhagium inquisitor (Linnaeus, 1758)
SubspeciesRhagium (Rhagium) inquisitor inquisitor (Linnaeus, 1758)