Stenocorus (Anisorus) quercus (Götz, 1783)
ssp. quercus (Götz, 1783)
[= Leptura baja Schrank, 1798]
[= Stenocorus dispar Panzer, 1797]
[= Toxotus quercus (Götz, 1783)]
[= Anisorus quercus (Götz, 1783)]

Subfamilia: LEPTURINAE  /  Tribus: STENOCORINI
Stenocorus quercus quercus
Stenocorus (Anisorus) quercus[Photo © Nikola Rahme]

Stenocorus quercus, a widely thermophilous species of the Euro-Anatolian deciduous forests occuring from Andalusia to Iran, has been described from Frankfurt am Main environs (Hesse, Germany) as Cerambyx quercus by Georg Friedrich Götz in 1783 [❖]. S. quercus larvae develop in rotten roots of broadleaf trees, especially oaks. Pupation occurs in the soil alongside roots in spring. Adults, active form May to July (peak in May and June), are diurnal and anthophilous [✩][✮][✱].

Body length:♂♂ 12 - 17 mm, ♀♀ 14 - 22 mm
Life cycle:2 - 3 years
Adults in:May - July
Host plant:polyphagous in deciduous trees (Quercus, Acer campestre)
Distribution:Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey

The depicted female beetles were collected in: (NR) - Hungary in May 2019; (DR) - Nosperk Nature Reserve (Němčičky environs, Břeclav districts South Moravia, Czechia) on June 9, 2013

Collected by Nikola Rahme and Daniel Rydzi

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Stenocorus quercus quercus
Stenocorus (Anisorus) quercus ♀ [Photo © Daniel Rydzi]

SubfamiliaLepturinae Latreille, 1802
TribusStenocorini Thomson, 1861
GenusStenocorus Fabricius, 1775
SubgenusAnisorus Mulsant, 1863
SpeciesStenocorus (Anisorus) quercus (Götz, 1783)
SubspeciesStenocorus (Anisorus) quercus quercus (Götz, 1783)