Xylotrechus (Xylotrechus) polyzonus (Fairmaire, 1888)
[= Clytus polyzonus Fairmaire, 1888]
[= Xylotrechus jeholensis Kano, 1935]

Subfamilia: CERAMBYCINAE  /  Tribus: CLYTINI
Xylotrechus polyzonus
[Photo © Kirill V. Makarov, click on the picture for 4K resolution]

Xylotrechus polyzonus, a colorful East-Palaearctic species distributed in Russian Far East, China and Korea, has been described from Beijing environs (China) as Clytus polyzonus by Léon Marc Herminie Fairmaire in 1888 [❖].

Body length:10 - 14 mm
Life cycle:2 years
Adults in:June - August
Host plant:polyphagous in deciduous trees
Distribution:Russian Far East, China, Korea

Depicted mounted beetle was beaten from oak (Quercus sp.) in Anisimovka (Анисимовка) village environs (300 m a.s.l., Shkotovsky district, Primorsky krai, Russia) on August 3, 2012.

Collected by S.Alekseyenko

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SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusClytini Mulsant, 1839
GenusXylotrechus Chevrolat, 1860
GenusXylotrechus Chevrolat, 1860
Species Xylotrechus (Xylotrechus) polyzonus (Fairmaire, 1888)